60,000 stars Original Home Planetarium
60,000 stars Original Home Planetarium
60,000 stars Original Home Planetarium
60,000 stars Original Home Planetarium

60,000 stars Original Home Planetarium

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Do you love to look at the stars at night? Planning to have a Pajama Party at your home? Have you prepared about what to set up and décor in your home for that night? You won’t need to go out of your house to watch those stars because we’ll reach those stars for you with this 60,000 Stars Original Home Planetarium!
Ready to turn off the lights? Turn this 60,000 Stars Original Home Planetarium ON that gives a glowing ambiance on your activities real life data from the great beyond!  Experience a Pajama Party and bring your friends to a galaxy like a place. Definitely, a party that is remarkable and extraordinary!
  • REAL-LIKE GALAXY. Be in love with its galaxy or universe like effect that you would love to stare for long hours. A very unique glowing light in your room that has custom warm white & multi-color LEDs to enhance its view. Pretty amazing that kids will surely find it fun and wonderful. It creates a scene that is a great light show that shines very well.
  • ADAPTABLE & WELL-ROUNDED. This 60,000 Stars Original Home Planetarium is also functional as a perfect effect in your bedroom, living room, and even in your outdoor area. Perfect to set up on romantic events like you are star gazing. Wherever you place the dome, it really brings the live effect that your guests and neighbors will surely be impressed. It has a silent relaxing disc rotation for you to have that galactic ambiance you’ve been asking for.
  • GREAT VALUE | GOOD QUALITY. This a sturdy and solid item that is well-built to last for long years of use. It won’t easily break as this is made with high-quality materials. Made with USB cable enabling wall plug or power bank operation for easier access. Has a perfectly smooth focus dial is allowing distances from 120cm to 290cm, creating a better view.
  • PERFECT GIFT. Surprise your friends or your special someone on a stargazing moment when you use this 60,000 Stars Original Home Planetarium. This is a great gift for anyone to share brightness on their home.
Package Included:
1x 60,000 stars Original Home Planetarium
Online-exclusive: not available in stores!
Extremely high demand: allow 2-3 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe). Limit 5 per person!