Bicycle Cover
Bicycle Cover
Bicycle Cover
Bicycle Cover

Bicycle Cover

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Bike covers the dirty parts of your bike, such as tires, the chain and pedals. Safely store your bicycle indoors, while keeping your floors clean from sand and tire marks. Lean your bike up against a wall? This will keep your walls clean from tire marks and scratch-free from sharp pedals.

  • KEEPS FLOORS & WALLS PROTECTED FROM DIRT AND TIRE MARKS:  Bicycle cover for home, office and car. Cocoons your bike frame and tires in a super-stretchy, beautifully designed bike cover that holds dirt inside, at the bottom, while your space stays neat and tidy.
  • FITS 99% OF ADULT BICYCLES: Whether it is a mountain bike, a road bike, single speed, a fixie or any other kind. No matter what size tires you have on your bike. This award-winning bike cover will fit them all thanks to its innovative design and stretchy fabric (Lycra and Elastic Bandage).
  • ABSORBS MOISTURE & DRIES FAST: Returning home after a rainy ride has never felt this good! This Cover will absorb the water from the bike – which  means no wet dirt on your floors, carpet, walls, anywhere. And even more – it helps keep your bicycle safe from rust.
  • 10 SECONDS TO FIT: Even your grandma can fit it on a bike all by herself! It's made of the stretchiest fabric– with no zippers, clips or fasteners to get stuck on bicycle parts. Super easy!


  • Store your bike at home.
  • When keeping your bicycle in the garage.
  • When transporting the bicycle in the trunk of the car or on public transportation.
  • For taking the bike inside a hotel room or in the office.


  • 100% brand new with high quality
  • Material: Lycra (milk silk) + Elastic Bandage
  • Printing process: thermal transfer printing
  • Non-stretching Size: Approx. 145 x 75cm 
  • Suitable for tires of 26 inches
  • The front wheel of the front wheel of the car can be used up to 169cm.
  • Use range: bicycles, mountain bikes, folding bikes, etc.

Package Included: 1 x Bicycle Cover
Online-exclusive: not available in stores!
Extremely high demand: allow 2-3 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe). Limit 5 per person!