Comfy Cat Travel Bag
Comfy Cat Travel Bag
Comfy Cat Travel Bag
Comfy Cat Travel Bag
Comfy Cat Travel Bag
Comfy Cat Travel Bag

Comfy Cat Travel Bag

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Here is the most comfortable pouch to keep your cat safe when travelling or walking around.

Comfy Cat Travel Bag is an innovative cat carrier and a grooming sack in one. With this, you can hold your kitty steady, calm and surely comfortable.
It is designed with a shoulder strap for easy carrying, so you won't feel the weight of it at all. Designed to keep your kitty closeby and secure


  • The comfortable design ensures that your furry buddy won't suffocate throughout the ride or travel.
  • Made with comfortable material and durable stitching that doesn't get easily damaged at the seams.
  • Travel-friendly and portable; can be folded into a small size when not in use and won't take much space in your purse.
  • Ease of maintenance; easy to clean and machine washable.
  • Safe and secure, with a locking mechanism that will guarantee your pet stays inside.
  • Large enough to carry cats up to 10kg.
  • The perfect grooming sack to keep kitty calm and still while clipping nails
You can perfectly make your kitty sit in your car by putting the seat belt inside the strap. 
This bag is made of Suede and is ideal for any cats size.
Package Included:
1x Comfy Cat Travel Bag
Online-exclusive: not available in stores!
Extremely high demand: allow 2-3 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe). Limit 5 per person!